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Aer Wireless

Changing the Landscape of Wireless Connectivity

Aer Wireless™ gives you truly unlimited data, the fastest download speeds and Wi-Fi access anywhere.

Our MagiNet™ network doesn’t use cellphone towers. It’s a new Wi-Fi technology that is uninterrupted by trees, mountains and buildings. The result? You get internet access everywhere.

This one-of-a-kind technology is faster than any 4G mobile network … with download speeds up to 400 Mbps.  Unlike 5G, this technology is available now and doesn’t require a new smartphone to use it.

Aer Wireless™ is the Right Choice for Everyone

We make phone and internet access available everywhere … even if your community is rural and doesn’t have any internet or cell phone service available now.

And we give you phone and internet access even when a cell tower isn’t nearby.

So what does this mean for you?

  • Sharing a photo, posting to social media, sending a text or sending an IM, no matter where you are.
  • Contacting emergency services wherever you are … even outdoors … like when running, biking, hiking horseback riding or camping.
  • Letting friends or family know that you’re running late.
  • Accessing Wi-Fi from your car, and it can even be used for autonimous driving.
  • Adding the Internet of Things to your home … like appliances, thermostats, lights and security.
  • Making unlimited national and international calls to select countries, and selecting four phone numbers from a list of 30 countries.

Works with Any Device

Aer Wireless™ delivers faster and affordable broadband everywhere, to any Wi-Fi-enabled device you use.

  • PlayStation or Xbox
  • Desktop or laptop
  • Any Apple, Android or Windows device

Connect to Wi-Fi Absolutely Everywhere

It might seem like magic …

The  Aer Wireless ™ network uses MagiNet™ Data Pipelines in a series of small and unlimited “hops” where the locations are chosen to distribute the data from central locations. Cell towers typically travel two hops and then drop your call. Instead, our Data Pipelines carry multiple signals in multiple directions, intelligently choosing whichever routes
 will avoid obstacles. The data automatically zips on and off both wired and wireless connections. You are always connected.

First Responders Count on Aer Wireless  

Aer Wireless offers a more reliable emergency response system, superior to the first-responder network provided by  Other carriers rely on cell towers, which leave some areas without coverage and frequently dropped calls. Our network uses a new technology that doesn’t rely on cell towers or landlines. First responders can send and receive communications in remote areas, and in conditions like wind, severe rain or loss of power. Plus, our signals aren’t interrupted by barriers like buildings, mountains or trees. The Aer Wireless network for first responders keeps police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical services in constant communication with their base. Plus, it is quick and cost-effective to deploy.

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Aer Wireless is ideal for farms, wooded areas, universities, corporate campuses, hotels, automobiles, your home and when traveling.