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What is Aer Wireless?

Aer Wireless is a next generation wireless network that deploys a revolutionary technology to address the broadband connectivity challenges that many communities face today, regardless of location – urban, rural, forest, tropical. Aer Wireless utilizes Mage Network’s MagiNet to deploy a state of the art wireless broadband network that can be deployed in about 60-90 days and will deliver symmetrical broadband speeds to end-user customers from 25 Mbps to 2 Gbps.

What is the revolutionary technology that drives Aer Wireless’ network?

Using the patented MagiNet technology, Aer Wireless utilizes Wi-Fi 802.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11ad, that delivers up to 400 Mbps, 1.5 Gbps and 2 Gbps respectively. Our networks have no dead-spots and seamlessly transfers Internet traffic. Our networks are self-healing and do not require traditional tower infrastructure. Accordingly, our deployed networks are ideal for last mile solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT), Telemedicine, Smart City/Smart Agriculture, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Autonomous Driving and Vehicular Collision Avoidance Systems. In addition, Aer Wireless’ networks support clean energy and can be deployed using solar power.

Does Aer Wireless require traditional towers? 

Aer Wireless does not require tower infrastructure to deploy our networks. Our small cell design and revolutionary technology allows for our networks to be installed and deployed using existing structures (buildings, rooftops, light poles, fences, homes, etc.) This drastically reduces the deployment cost and installation time as compared to existing wireless options.

How reliable is Aer Wireless’ service?

Aer Wireless’ service offerings have been designed to deliver “four-9” quality service (99.9999% reliability) which equates to no more than 32 seconds of network downtime per year.

Where is the Aer Wireless Network Operations Center?

The Aer Wireless Network Operations Center (virtualized cloud-based network core) is located in Vint Hill, Virginia at OVH. OVH is a global cloud provider that specializes in delivering industry-leading performance and cost-effective solutions to manage, secure, and scale businesses. OVH has proved to be the most secured cloud provider in the world. For more information please see (INSERT LINK to OVH)

Is the Aer Wireless network secure?

Our network is 100% secured at the core and our cyber security services are managed by Infosys. In addition, when any user comes on to an Aer Wireless network their devices are automatically checked for malware and cyber threats. Due to the proprietary nature of our technology, the network and its components cannot be stolen, hacked or reversed engineered.

How much does it cost to deploy an Aer Wireless network?

It depends on the needs of the customer and the location of the planned services. Our engineers and deployment service team will customize, build and deploy a customized network to meet the connectivity needs of our customers. Potential customers will need to provide basic information to get started. Please contact us to schedule an initial review of your connectivity needs.

Are there any additional installation or deployment costs that may apply?

A local hub may be required based on the location and the capacity to be provided by the local IP-bandwidth provider.

Are there any other services that Aer Wireless provides?

Our complete platform of Aer Wireless managed services include:

  • Aer Broadband – High speed broadband service for residential and business customers
  • Aer Business Suite – Business enterprise customers can access voice, video, Instant Messaging, video conferencing and mobile phone services from a single platform
  • Aer Security – 24/7 real-time monitoring & two-way audio and video communications for business and residential customers
  • Aer Phone – Business and residential customers can make VoIP calls from any Wi-Fi-enabled device through our softphone application
  • Aer Stream – Media streaming service will allow customers to stream exclusive content to TVs, smart phones, tablets, lap top and desktop computers
  • Aer Wi-Fi – Business and local government customers can establish secure Wi-Fi environments to enable IoT, Smart City platforms for a campus or local area
  • Aer UgoRound – mobile application for local governments and businesses to connect with and communicate to citizens or employees in real time (public information, threats, evacuations, disaster preparedness, etc.)
  • Aer Visitor – For tourism-based customers, includes all the benefits and features of Aer Wi-Fi and Aer Phone – to allow visitors to access Wi-Fi and phone services to enhance and improve their tourist experiences (shopping, local information, etc.)
  • Aer Auto Access – Wi-Fi connectivity from within a vehicle in or out of an Aer Wireless network

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